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How To Select The Suitable Conveyor for your process
For Selection of Conveyor for your process, you should be clear with the

Types of edge: While Selection of Conveyor edges of conveyor plays the special role it can be chain driven or welded manually bent edges depending on your requirement of process.

Belt Specification

Once the belt is selected, belt life and performance maximization are the goals. Factors affecting belt life and performance under operating conditions include Installation and break-in procedures, Carburization, Conveyor alignment, and condition, Nitriding, Loads and load concentrations, Preferential Oxidation, Operational conditions, Contaminants, Mechanical damage. Some of these factors are inherent in the process, and at best, can only be minimally controlled. Others are highly controllable

Major Points while Selection the belt for Biscuits Oven.

  • Availability of length in one single piece
    The belt should come in one single piece jointing or welding of pieces creates a tracking problem since nowadays oven length increases to increase the production
  • Light in weight
    The conveyor belt should be light in weight while under production process it consumes fuel (electricity, oil, gas) If the belt is heavy in weight no doubt it will work for a longer duration. But the production cost due to the high consumption of fuel will increase.
  • Perforation:
    The belt or mesh should have pores for easy passage of hot air to provide uniform backing to biscuit or cookies.

7 A good reason to choose Roshan Industries

Roshan Industries has a long established and well-earned reputation as a reliable and innovative supplier of new belts to bake oven manufacturers and replacement of belts to baking units. And due to continual improvement along we work under quantitive production to meet the demand by quality conveyor. In any market, we are synonymous with "bake oven belt" or "biscuit baking mesh" mainly due to 7 good reasons

  • We work continuously with our customers to create long lasting partnerships
  • We find solutions that will increase productivity
  • Our products are designed and produced to provide the optimum bake oven processing properties.
  • Ongoing product development ensures that we can meet the changing process and plant development requirements of our customers
  • Our skilled and trained engineers are always available to offer high quality service and technical support free of cost*

Belt Application

There are different types of belts used for different purpose applications

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