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Roshan Industries Manufacture and Export Wide Range of Mesh Belt for different industries.


Roshan Industries is one of the major manufacturers of custom-built wire netting for various industries. Conceived and promoted by Mr. T. G Pandeysince 1974. Roshan Industries is constantly innovating the design and to serve the industry better.

These Conveyor belts are manufactured from Tata Steel & Vishakapatnam Steels...

As the industries are increasing and expanding their activities, more and more quantity custom-built wire conveyor belts are required to meet the growing demands. This necessities constant improvement of the design, standard and technical know-how, to meet the specification of the industries and their products.

We manufacture a wide range of steel conveyor belt to suit customer requirements. These standards and tailor-made wire conveyor belts manufactured as per the specification required or used by reputed processing units in Biscuit Industry, Confectionary, Pharmaceutical, Glass, Ceramic Tiles, Food and Beverages, Cement, Tyre Manufacturer's, Chemicals, Frozen Food Manufacturers.

Z-47 Types wire band

Z-47 articulated wire band is widely used in biscuit manufacturing company for baking purpose. This band is manufactured using mild steel or stainless steel mesh into one another... More

Data Mild Steel (120)18 swg H.H wire used as per international standard
Temperature up to 600deg. c
Weight 680 gms. per Sq. ft
Guage Dia 1.20mm
Initial Area 1.23 mm sq
Ultimate load 2 kg/ Sq.Ft

Roshan Belts are manufactured with various edges, like:

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