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Roshan Metallic Conveyor Belts are running successfully throughout India and also around the world in various biscuit factories and confectionaries, etc. Through the coordinating effort efforts of experience efforts of experienced staff and skilled workers and our engineering staff, and Roshan industries metal belts are acknowledged by major companies like Parle Food Pvt Ltd, Britannia ltd, Priya Gold, etc. and achieved the highest standard of engineering Certificates of satisfaction by the reputed companies.

For your convenience you can choose from different types of standard Belt weaves often used for diverse Belt Application across the entire span of industries. When belts are required for food processing unit like biscuit plants Z-47 types belt are proven best. When the belt is additional strength is required and belt tracking is needed to be controlled, Chain driven belts are best. Flat wire belt is the economical strongman of the conveyor belt family. And also available in different Belt specifications, Roshan belts are manufactured with various Belt edges.

Special Application Mesh Z-47 articulated wire belt

Data Temperature Weight Guage Dia Initial Area Ultimate lLoad
Mild Steel (120)18 swg H.H wire used as pe international standard up to 600deg. c 680 gms. per Sq. ft 1.20mm 1.23 mm sq 2 kg/ Sq.Ft

U.T.S C% Mn% Si% S% P%
75.19 kgf/sq.mm 0.69 0.69 0.21 0.22 0.16


Z-47 articulated wire band is widely used in biscuit manufacturing company for baking purpose. This band is manufactured using mild steel or stainless steel mesh into one another. Lamination of the obtained weave which is flattened with the help press gives the perfect flat surface which allows free circulation of the air and also help for rapid drying and baking of biscuits since the coil is articulated into one another. It has greater longitudinal flexibility which allows the band to follows the surface.

Z-47 band have been carefully designed in order to strengthen the sides while the band keeps the entirely its flexibility without any uneven thickness.


As per the requirement Z-47 articulated wire band are made from 17-gauge(1.40mm) & 18 gauge(1.20mm.), 20guage(0.90mm.) wire of Mild steel & Stainless steel and other material as per your requirement

Special Application Mesh Laminated Conveyor

The belt consists of eye links formed from wire positioned to a fixed spacing by a cross wire, forming a module. These modules are joined with cross rods passing through the eye links and double bar links along both edges of the belt. The ends of the rods are secured with a hot upset.


Belt Pitch: Eye link wire Diameter: Width Limits: Variable Mesh: Conveying Surface: Turn Capability: Temperature Range:
30 mm [1.18 in]
50 mm [1.97 in]
50,8 mm [2.0 in]
75 mm [2.95 in]
2 mm [0.079in]
2,5 mm [0.098in]
3 mm [0.118in]
3,5 mm [0.138in]

100 mm [3.937 in] through 6000 mm [236.2 in]

Minimum: Wire Diameter + 0.5mm [0.020 in] Overall Belt Width – 7mm [0.276 in] Straight run only -40°C [-40°F] to 400°C [752°F]


Tunnel Freezers, Drying, Accumulation, Handling, Washing, Sterilizing, Ovens


Large open area, Easy to clean, Positive Drive, Smooth belt surface, High allowable belt tension, No belt slip, Improved belt design, Less contact surface, One module thus minimal clearance, More even heat distribution


Carbon steel, Stainless steel T304 T316., Other materials available on request. (In freezing environments a low carbon stainless steel like T304L or T316L is recommended )

Special Application Mesh Honey Comb

As the belt is made up of strip and rod the load carrying and flexibility comparatively much better as compared to wire made conveyor


chocolate enrobing, oil quenching


Heavy load carrying capacity compared to wire made conveyor and a high amount of flexibility


Carbon steel Stainless Steel T204,T 326 etc as per customer requirement

Special Application Mesh Enrober


chocolate enrobing ,oil quenching


This conveyor is widely used in chocolate industries were enrobing is done on chocolate and oil. quenching due to its large pores


It is made up of stainless steel and dmild steel wire as per customer requirement

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